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Finding A Plumber In Columbus GA

The most common plumbing problems are clogged toilets, sinks, and drains. These usually happen at the worst possible time: in the evenings or over the weekend.

But the biggest of all common plumbing problems may be finding a plumber in the area to do the work, especially when you’re under the gun in an emergency situation. Plumbers, especially if they are any good, are booked solid and in demand. Will they be available when you need them? If not, what do you do next?

In this post we look at finding a good, responsive plumber or plumbing contractor — there is a difference between the two — in our area and provide a few basic questions to ask.

In the next post we’ll examine the types of plumbers, and the differences between plumbers and plumbing contractors, available to meet your specific needs. Not all plumbers are created equal.

Plumbing Costs Columbus Ga Auburn Al

Face it. Upgrading plumbing fixtures isn’t cheap.

In the previous post we looked at popular plumbing upgrades for homeowners available at area home improvement centers, plumbing supply stores, or directly from plumbers.

But how much will those upgrades cost? In this post we examine the costs of typical upgrades, helping homeowners plan for future purchases.

Things To Know About The Plumbing In Your Home

Plumbing is the one system that can malfunction at any time, in any number of places, for any number of reasons.

For comparison, the air conditioner cycles on and off several times a day. Your only real interaction with the AC is setting the thermostat and remembering to change the air filter, unless it’s time for seasonable maintenance and service from a Columbus, GA HVAC tech. As long as homeowners use a professional contractor for checkups once or twice a year, the AC should hum along nicely.

But that’s not the case with residential plumbing. There are so many plumbing “touch points” in your Columbus, GA home that any problem can arise at any time. A running toilet. Leaky faucets. A pipe that bursts.

Plumber Columbus Ga Auburn Al Kitchen Remodel

Unless you built a custom home, where you got to pick all the plumbing and money was of no concern, chances are your house is filled with builder’s-grade fixtures. At some point those fixtures will start to fail and need to be replaced, or you get tired of cheaper fixtures and want to upgrade.

In this post we look at popular plumbing upgrades for homeowners available at local home improvement centers, plumbing supply stores, or directly from your plumber.

Plumbing Upgrades: Bathrooms

Hydro Jetting Plumbers Auburn AL

When slow drains, blocked drains or backup is plaguing your home or business, hydro jetting may be the solution you need. Hydro jetting is an effective type of drain and sewer pipe cleaning. In fact, no other method is as effective for your plumbing. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers for drain cleaning.

The hydro jet uses highly pressurized water to thoroughly scour away clogs, some tree roots, and even difficult to remove grease. Hydro jetting is the gold standard for businesses such as restaurants that deal with routine drain and sewer clogs in their plumbing.

Our plumbers have a variety of tools available for drain cleaning, and it begins with a video pipe inspection. The inspection utilizes the latest technology with a waterproof, high-resolution camera attached to a flexible fiber optic cable transmitting a real time, clear image of the problem to a monitor as it is fed through the pipe. Ben Franklin plumbers are able to view the inside of the drain and sewer pipe, and provide an accurate diagnosis of the drainage problem, and an effective solution.

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